This Guy Made a Face Shield Out of a Krispy Kreme Donut Box

First, you eat a dozen donuts.

A UK magician named Andy Clockwise has created a video teaching folks how to make a face shield out of a Krispy Kreme box, so it's time to eat a dozen donuts like our lives depend on it. 

Clockwise posted the nearly two-minute video to YouTube on June 18, describing -- without pomp and circumstance -- how to transform a Krispy Kreme box with a clear plastic top into a fairly standard-looking face shield. The end result looks not unlike your run-of-the-mill shield but is likely about as secure as a crown from Burger King. 

"I work for Krispy Kreme and this is making the rounds in the office," commented YouTube user Jay Tee. "Laughs galore. Dunkin can't do this..." Of course, you'll have to locate a Krispy Kreme box with a plastic window on top to create your own donut-scented face shield as the chain's standard fully cardboard boxes won't do. 

"It is nice how topologically appropriate it is for the doughnut box face shield to have the same topology as the doughnuts it once held," said YouTube user Eric Fontaine. And while I personally struggled to find interest in this, Eric is certainly correct. The design is basically the top of the box, which looks like a large clear plastic window surrounded by some white cardboard, with two horizontal "straps" of cardboard that come together at the back of your head. 

While the donut and coffee chain just released fruit glazed donuts and packaged crullers, these innovations pale in comparison to the Krispy Kreme face shield. Clockwise's design effectively solves the somehow-controversial issue of whether or not a face accessory that protects lives is cool and fun.

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