Krispy Kreme's New Mini Donuts & Crullers Just Hit Store Shelves

See whether the packaged doughnuts, available at Walmart, are as good as fresh-made.

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme
Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

When my friend's mom introduced me to packaged donut snacks on a road trip, I immediately began boycotting my family's plastic bag of raisin bran. And Krispy Kreme's latest release brings along a new, even more radical era of to-go snacking -- the company just announced that it's merging chain food and snack food to give us packaged donut bites and mini crullers. 

When the North Carolina-based donut chain announced that the new donuts' national roll-out on June 22, my mother likely felt a sudden pain in her chest. But we're thrilled, and former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal, who currently owns an over 60-year-old Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop in downtown Atlanta and serves as a global spokesperson for the brand, was just as excited to talk to us about the market pivot. 

"These are gonna be available basically everywhere in America at Walmart, and on the Walmart online grocery stores. This is big, because these [crullers] are my favorites when I go to the Krispy Kreme store," Shaq told Thrillist on a Zoom call. "I just wanna eat a whole box, so I think people will love this." 

Different flavors will be released seasonally, starting with the summery Strawberry Doughnut Bites and Lemon Crullers, which will both sell for around $4 (there will also be an original glazed option for both). The bites box contains five sleeves of four bites per box (20 bites total) and the crullers are in four sleeves of two (8 total). 

Expect chocolate and apple cinnamon bites, and blueberry crullers, to pop up in shops in the near future. O'Neal said he favors the summer strawberry. 
On June 24, Krispy Kreme is hosting a Zoom and Facebook Live grand opening to celebrate. It kicks off at 7pm ET, and will include guest appearances from O'Neal and country music star Chris Lane. 

"We're just gonna have some fun, play some games..." O'Neal told Thrillist. "And we're gonna give [40 people] a chance to compete to win the donut bites and crullers." 

You can register for the event here until 9am on June 23, and 40 participants will be randomly selected on the same day. Those selected will go on to compete in an absurd "Virtual Campout" competition. Whomever remains online and awake in front of their campout background the longest will win. 

O'Neal declined to reveal whether DJ Diesel -- his DJ name -- was going to make an appearance at the grand opening. 

"We're just gonna have some fun," he said. But we're keeping our crullers crossed. 

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