Krispy Kreme Is Already Bringing Back Pumpkin Spice Donuts & Coffee

It's early August, but pumpkin spice season has started at Krispy Kreme.

krispy kreme pumpkin spice donut
Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Lots of people like to bemoan pumpkin spice creep, that tendency for pumpkin-inspired fall flavors to hit shelves earlier and earlier every year. It might be easier to swallow if you take it as nothing more than a sign that Halloween, the greatest of all holidays, is also on its way

Either way, pumpkin flavors are arriving as though Jack Skellington found a door to the wonderful land of Summer. Krispy Kreme is leading the way with an announcement that it's bringing pumpkin back with four seasonal donuts, including one that will be making its debut at the breakfast dessert chain. 

On August 8, Krispy Kreme will bring back the Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut, the Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Cheesecake Doughnut, and the Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut.

You'll also find the brand new Pumpkin Spice Latte Swirl Doughnut, a donut dipped in a pumpkin spice and sugar blend before getting topped with a swirl of vanilla and coffee buttercream. 

Additionally, the menu will see the return of two non-donut pumpkin buddies. The Pumpkin Spice Latte will make its annual comeback, and Krispy Kreme will debut the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee, which is an iced coffee with pumpkin pie sauce. 

If you're ready to feel the fall, your time has arrived. 

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