The Nation's Largest Supermarket Wants to Cook for You & Deliver for Free


Eating is different in 2019, and to bring up UberEats as the current catalyst of change would be very 2014. Nowadays Aldi can grab us a six-pack, Amazon picks up our groceries for a small price, and 7-Eleven brings munchie combos straight to our hotboxed living rooms. 

And now Kroger, the nation's largest supermarket chain, is going to prepare restaurant-style meals and send them right to people's homes... free of charge. The service is coming to residents in Indianapolis, Columbus, and Denver. 

Residents near the four select (and still unknown) locations will no longer need hands to survive. They'll need only the tip of their noses to contact Kroger Delivery Kitchen, which is a partnership between the grocery chain and an Indianapolis startup called ClusterTruck. According to Business Insider, the startup uses a software that optimizes operations and ensures the food will arrive at your doorstep between 7 and 30 minutes after you order it.

Kroger said in a news release that they intend to "change the way Americans access freshly prepared meals" by way of their "dark kitchens." The kitchens will be offering meals like pizza and pad thai. 

Kroger's Chief Information Officer Yael Cossel said "ClusterTruck's innovative culinary and digital design is cracking the code for the future of profitable meal delivery," and we think he's right. May food delivery continue to be free, may we render all body parts useless and live eternally in a stimulation box laden with great entertainment and food deliveries galore. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.