Reporter Gets Hit With Projectile Vomit During Fourth of July Party

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There are many sad realities in journalism, but only some of them involve rogue bodily fluids. Needless to say, it’s expected that a reporter interviewing a mob of partying shirtless men on July 4 should probably expect to get puked on.

That’s exactly what happened to poor soul and KTLA reporter Wendy Burch, who was covering an annual tradition in the South Bay of Los Angeles called the Hermosa Beach Iron Man. In the contest, participants run a mile, paddle a mile in the ocean, and then chug a six pack of beer. Obviously, it’s kind of a meathead convention, and the perfect recipe for spraying vomit on an unwitting reporter.  

Video shows Burch interviewing a rotund man with a handlebar mustache, whose left shoulder gets drenched in an epic puke geyser. Burch receives some of the blowback, shrieking in disgust. The footage freezes, then cuts back to two mortified anchors, both of whom are presumably relieved to be sitting behind a desk, far away from any forcibly expelled cans of beer.

Burch wasn’t aware that the footage cut back to the studio. She continued the broadcast while declining an offer for a beer, probably because she had just gotten sprayed by a partially digested one.

Understandably, the fiasco blew up online, so Burch wrote a blogpost about her experience as the recipient of a viral puke-storm.

“You know… I once had a nightmare about reporting live, in the middle of a mosh pit. with hundreds of sweaty men throwing up all around me. To all of you aspiring journalists out there, I’m here to tell you, dreams really do come true… especially in the age of viral videos,” she wrote.

Happy National Hangover Day, America. Salute your reporters. 

[h/t Mashable]

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