LA Mayor’s Anti-Firework PSA With an Exploding Watermelon Got Dragged on Twitter

Independence Day is tomorrow. America's excuse for grilling processed meat and lighting cheap explosives, July 4th usually comes with a few disclaimers. Namely, don't drink and drive, but also abstain from being an idiot and lighting fireworks. 

As the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti took it upon himself to warn constituents of the perils of fireworks. But since Garcetti chose to illustrate the danger with a video of an exploding watermelon -- a weird homage to the late comedian Gallagher that no one saw coming -- he's getting dragged on Twitter.

Welcome to public service in 2018! 

According to Garcetti, the firework used to splatter this watermelon is allegedly the size of a gum stick. The overwhelming majority of easily accessible fireworks, however, are more closely akin to sparklers than military grade explosives. Also, the video makes a mockery of itself, because this exploding watermelon looks awesome. Its flying pink innards are enough to turn any bad idea into a disastrous one. It provides all kinds of nefarious inspiration. 

Naturally, the internet wondered why the city's biggest authority figure would encourage tomfoolery on the most obnoxious day of the year. 

Thank you Mayor Garcetti, for planting the seed. 


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