Lady Gaga Gets Super Into 'Carpool Karaoke,' Despite James Corden's Meat Dress

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There's a broad spectrum of quality on "Carpool Karaoke." Some people look a little bored and aren't willing to get as weird as Corden, others save the life of a baby (that really happened), and basically no one gets the kind of praise Adele did.

Tuesday, Lady Gaga dropped by The Late Late Show With James Corden to do her first-ever appearance on "Carpool Karaoke." The consensus seems to be that even if you aren't a huge fan, this is about as fun as "Carpool Karaoke" gets. She gave the segment her all, improving skits with Corden about how she got the gig to sing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and taking the wheel after revealing that she just got her driver's license for the first time at age 30.

Corden also cycled through some of her best-remembered outfits, wearing them himself as a way to talk about such classics as the meat dress, which he recreates with deli meat slices on a blue t-shirt that won't be preserved the same way Lady Gaga says she preserves the pieces of Michael Jackson's wardrobe she bought.

Watch Lady Gaga on "Carpool Karaoke" above, then check out the Thrillist ranking of every "Carpool Karaoke" installment to date.

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