Don't Freak Out, but Lady Gaga Oreos Are Finally in Stores Nationwide

Try to play it cool.

Chromatica-Themed Lady Gaga Oreos
Courtesy of Oreo
Courtesy of Oreo

In December, we came to you with jaw-dropping news that Oreo would be honoring Lady Gaga with a new line of Chromatica-themed cookies. Oreo teased the world with bright visuals of the cookies, but deviously kept us in the dark on when they'd be available to the public. We've spent the last eight weeks eagerly awaiting an update, and it's finally come.

On Thursday, January 28, 2021, at exactly 9 am ET, a shiny new chapter in Oreo's 109-year history began: the "Chromatica IV" chapter, if you will.

The Lady Gaga Oreos, now available in stores nationwide, feature a bright green creme filling sandwiched between pink-colored Golden Oreo wafers. Each cookie comes embossed with one of three Chromatica-inspired patterns to elevate the experience.

Patterns on the Chromatica-Themed Lady Gaga Oreos
Courtesy of Oreo

During a particularly challenging few months, Oreo has managed to spark joy with its consistent cookie innovations, and Lady Gaga Oreos—which remained the talk of the town long after the initial announcement—are no exception.

Now, the only question is: Do they taste good? Stay tuned while we investigate.

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