We Tasted the Viral Lady Gaga Oreos To See if They Live Up to the Hype

They're fun, but are they edible?

Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos
Courtesy of Oreo
Courtesy of Oreo

If you've been on social media over the last couple of weeks, you've likely seen selfie after selfie of people holding the bright pink Chromatica-themed Lady Gaga Oreos. They were announced in December, released in late January, and are still at the center of conversation among Little Monsters everywhere.

The Lady Gaga Oreos became an internet sensation partially because everything Lady Gaga touches goes viral, but mostly because they're bright pink and green—colors that aren't generally associated with tasty food.

Naturally, we at Thrillist were curious if the Lady Gaga Oreos were edible, so I acquired a pack and conducted a taste test, seeing how they hold up compared to classic Oreos. Here's what I found.

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Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos next to the Original Oreos
They're pretty, that's for sure. | Kyler Alvord / Thrillist

The pink wafer is crunchier than the original.

Even without a side-by-side comparison, you'll notice right off the bat that Lady Gaga Oreos are crunchier than other flavors. The texture of the wafers was a little bit offputting at first because I associated it with staleness. After eating a couple more, I got over it and realized that the crunch is not bad, just different.

Lady Gaga Oreos are made with Golden Cookie wafers, not the standard chocolate-flavored wafers, so it makes sense that they aren't identical.

The green creme filling doesn't taste like dye.

It's the question we've all been wondering: Does that artificially green filling taste like chemicals? Thankfully, it does not. The green creme filling is indistinguishable from standard Oreo filling. It's soft and tasty, no dye detected.

The Lady Gaga Oreo wins the dunk test.

Oreo claims to be milk's favorite cookie, so I would expect that any adequate Oreo flavor gets even better after being dunked. I am beyond pleased to report that, because of the Lady Gaga Oreo's crunchier wafer, it holds up better when it's dunked in milk. It's not too mushy, it's not too firm, and the vanilla cookie flavor gorgeously complements the milk.

Classic Oreos are still great when dunked in milk, of course, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Lady Gaga Oreos are more dunkable than their predecessors.

The favorability of Lady Gaga Oreos is a matter of taste.

When it comes down to it, Lady Gaga Oreos are plenty edible. Whether you like them or not basically just depends on whether you like Oreo's Golden Cookie flavor, since that's what the wafers are made of. If you prefer chocolate, you'll probably like classic Oreos better. If you prefer vanilla, you'll gravitate toward Lady Gaga Oreos.

Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos
The beautiful colors match Gaga's beautiful soul. | Kyler Alvord / Thrillist

These Oreos do Lady Gaga justice.

No matter your feelings about Lady Gaga Oreos, you can't deny that they are a perfect representation of their namesake. Like Lady Gaga, they stand out and spark conversation. Like Chromatica, they look otherworldly. They don't want to be like all the other Oreos, but that sure as hell doesn't mean they're outcasts.

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