The Las Vegas Sphere Is Keeping Hotel Guests Up at Night

It does sometimes seem brighter than the sun itself.

The Las Vegas Sphere has been in operation for just a few months and already it's been host to an internet-breaking U2 concert that (almost) made everyone forget about that whole iTunes album incident. The project has been years in the making, and going to change the way concerts and other live events have been imagined. With new technology and a 4D visual experience, videos from inside the sphere seem like a trip out of this world. But, it's not only the structure's inside that is notable.

In fact, the first thing you might notice upon your arrival to Las Vegas is the Sphere. It's a massive, brightly lit ball sitting like some sort of neon pimple in the mostly flat landscape of the Vegas Strip. In an effort to continue to quell public interest, the exterior of the ball is constantly changing. The sphere has already been everything from a basketball to a jack-o-lantern. And, given its prominence on the strip, you can see it just about everywhere.

On TikTok, Vegas tourists are sharing the view they are getting from their hotel room, all night long.

"Imagine waking up in complete darkness and all you see is the sphere staring at you," one commenter wrote.

Fortunately most people seem to consider their view of the sphere a bonus feature of their hotel stay, not a deterrent. But still, I’d be endlessly grateful for those automatic blackout curtains that seem to equip most hotel rooms.

Would you want to have a view of the Sphere from your room?

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