The Las Vegas Sphere Is Suddenly in Its SpongeBob Era

Users on X are having a moment with it, too.

Somehow he got to the Las Vegas Sphere, too. Spongebob SquarePants, the star of the popular Nickeloden animated series of the same name, just took over the iconic new landmark on the Strip, and people on X (formerly known as Twitter) are dishing out their best reactions.

"How am I supposed to sleep when this is outside my window," reads the caption to a photo of the Spongebob-ed Sphere, which went viral with more than 200,000 likes. "Absolutely heinous to put spongebob squarepants on a sphere," replied one user, who quoted the photo in a new post. "This goes against everything he stood for."

Most users took it as an opportunity to crack a clever joke. "Spongebob Spherepants????" commented one of them. "Oh no Spongebob not Squarepants anymore," pointed out another one. Others, instead, suggested better ideas to whoever decided to put Spongebob on display like that. "[They] def should [have] used Mrs.Puff instead!!" said one user.

But against all haters, some people decided to take the scientific route, and took it on them to explain why, scientifically, this makes sense. "You forget that he is first sponge, and only secondly square," reads one comment. "What indeed happens to a sponge during its life cycle? Expansion and contraction my good sir. I say good day to you."

This is only the latest piece of viral news connected to the new Las Vegas attraction. Just a few months ago, the Sphere went viral for allegedly keeping nearby hotel guests up at night, and just a few days ago the venue made headlines for costing tourists $15 to take a photo of it from a parking lot, which flaunts unobstructed views of it. Now, it's in its SpongeBob era—but tomorrow, who knows.

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