Leave It all Behind and Start a New Life in Italy for About $1.20

Plus the cost of renovations, travel, and moving.

Laurenzana in Italy's Basilicata region
Giambattista Lazazzera/Shutterstock

Home ownership is but a pipe dream for many Americans. Homes across Italy, however, are apparently flying off the shelves. Of course, the reasons behind this oft-reported trend are complicated, but who are we to stand between anyone and international property fantasies?

Laurenzana is the latest Italian town offering homes for the truly rom-com price of €1, or $1.20 USD. It spans 37 lovely square miles about 122 miles south of Naples. Its present population is about 1924, but, with prices like these, and no deposit necessary, it would appear that they’re ready to make room for more.

"We want to help newcomers purchase the house of their dreams without making it hard for them to follow tedious procedures and tight requirements," Mayor Michele Ungaro told CNN. "At times it can be difficult to navigate through regulation, particularly if you're a foreigner. We want this adventure to be a pleasure, not a burden."

"That's why we are not asking for any deposit guarantee to ensure the works are speedily carried out. It sounds as a sort of threat,” Ungaro told the outlet.

You will be required to do a little bit of lifting before signing on the dotted line, however. According to CNN, prospective buyers must submit a “detailed restyle plan” (these homes do need, in real estate-speak, a little love) to even be considered, then begin work within three months of purchase to be completed within three years. The mayor also said that buyers should expect to spend about €20,000 ($23,908 USD) to get the homes in ship shape condition. It’s still a fraction of the cost of, say, a vial of air bottled in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

Serious buyers should send inquiries to comunelaurenzana@rete.basilicata.it, according to Travel + Leisure.

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