Germans Are Fishing for Baguettes at the French Border

Residents of Lauterbach are harnessing their German engineering powers to get baguettes from across the border.


This is the golden age of bread baking in the US; just look at how often people are posting their failed sourdough loaves on Twitter. It's the American way--set out to be good at something, go a little too hard, and post whatever happens on the internet.

But Germans from the town of Lauterbach seem to be taking a different, more relaxed approach to acquiring grain--they're sticking to a longtime bakery tradition and going to the border of France for baguettes, sometimes with fishing rods. 

The border town Lauterbach is located right next to Carling, a commune in northeast France, where bread baker Myriam Jansem-Boualit is used to serving Germans who cross the border and take a short walk to her shop. But Jansem-Boualit told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that, because of COVID-19 restrictions, she now leaves her telephone number at the border so that customers can call when they arrive at the fence. 

Two regular customers, Marina and Hartmut Fey, are still availing Jansem-Boualit of her services. An AFP video shows Hartmut using a fishing rod to grab baguettes from the baker. 

"For decades we've brought out bread and croissants from our favorite bakery," he says in German as subtitles roll across the bottom of the AFP video. "And we are no longer allowed to cross on foot. So as a sign of Franco-German friendship we do our business 'online', " he says before successfully reeling in the baguettes.

In another video shared a video with German media company ZDF Landesstudio Saarland, Hartmut is not so lucky. 

In the video, Hartmut is extends the rod out while Jansem-Boualit attempts to hook a bag of baguettes onto it. Then Hartmut reels in the bag, dropping one loaf in the process. 

As you can see, charming Hartmut's feat of German engineering isn't foolproof, but his commitment to tradition is admirable. 


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