Fans Petitioned Lay's to Restore This Spicy Chip's Original Recipe and It Worked

These beloved chips are back and available nationwide right now.

They are back! This week is a win for spicy chip lovers far and wide because Lay's finally returned the original Lay's Flamin' Hot chip formula to store shelves.

The chips are making their way back to shelves because of very loud fan demands. Apparently, the brand changed the Lay's Flamin' Hot chip recipe year, which was not well received. In fact, 23,000 fans supported a petition to restore the chips to their original form.

Courtesy of Lay's

According to the petition, Lay's Flamin' Hot chips "gave its niche audience everything they were looking for. All the subtle spice notes, the crunch and airy texture you can only find with a Lay's Potato Chip, it was truly a match made in heaven."

The fan-favorite chips feature the fiery heat of chiles and seasonings that make them so delectable to chip lovers. To make things right, the chip brand vowed to send apology letters and coupons to taste the original flavor to thousands of fans who reached out earlier this week. So, it is safe to say that loyal Lay's Flamin' Hot chip flavor fans have won. The delicately spicy chips are now being sold at grocers nationwide.

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