Lay's is Unleashing 8 Brand New Chip Flavors Including Deep Dish Pizza & Lobster Roll

Courtesy of Lay's
Courtesy of Lay's

There was a time when potato chip choices were simple. You had your pick of regular salted, BBQ, salt & vinegar, and maybe sour cream & onion. But it's 2018, people, and we're living in an age of cantaloupe burgers and hash brown taco shells, so it's only fitting that our chip flavors should be a bit more advanced.

Luckily, the folks at Lay's are on the case, and they just unveiled eight crazy and unexpected new chip flavors inspired by distinctive dishes that are popular in different parts of the country.

Spoiler alert: you may soon be washing down your New England lobster rolls with lobster roll-flavored chips. 

Courtesy of Lay's

Lay's latest foray into unusually flavored crispy potato snacks is also its biggest, with the eight new options being the most its ever introduced at once in its history.

The flavors are also part of what the brand is calling its "Tastes of America" series, which features fare you'd likely associate with distinct regions around America. For instance, there's a Deep Dish Pizza flavor to represent the Heartland, a Fried Pickles & Ranch option for the Midwest, and a Pimento Cheese offering that's meant to evoke dishes you might find in the Southeast. Here's the full lineup of the new flavors hitting shelves soon, and which regions they're meant to represent.

  • Cajun Spice (Central Gulf)
  • Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, SoCal)
  • Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Deep Dish Pizza (Heartland & Mid-America)
  • Fried Pickles with Ranch (Midwest)
  • New England Lobster Roll (Northeast)
  • Pimento Cheese (Southeast)
  • Thai Sweet Chili (Pacific Northwest)

In terms of availability, you'll have to wait a few weeks to get your hands on these, since they won't officially be hitting shelves until late July. Also, you'll only be able to get the regionally-inspired flavors in stores in their respective markets (e.g., Lobster Roll will only be available in the Northeast, etc.). However, you will be able to get any of them shipped to you if you order them online. They also aren't a permanent addition to the Lay's lineup, so grab 'em while you can.

Courtesy of Lay's

While the Thrillist team hasn't yet had a chance to taste 'em all, this certainly isn't the first time the brand has debuted some unique and unexpected flavors. In fact, they seem to be quite good at matching the flavors of the real things they're inspired by, considering we were pleasantly surprised by the limited edition Truffle Fry, Reuben, Gyro, and Biscuits & Gravy-flavored chips they debuted a few years back. 

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