LeBron Just Hit a Three That Made People Freak

LeBron James buzzerbeater
Screengrab TNT

It's only Monday and it's already an awfully good week for the nation's goats. Tom Brady put up a record-breaking comeback in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Probably some billy goats somewhere outwitted a bridge troll and ate his tire collection. And Monday, LeBron James hit a buzzer-beating, fadeaway three that left fans in the nation's capital slack-jawed. 

Yes, James had just missed an easy lay-up that would have given Cleveland the lead with not much time left (and yeah, he traveled). But Washington took a three-point lead with 3.4 seconds to go. Kevin Love tossed an incredible pass the length of the court. What did James do? This. 

That's ridiculous, even for James. He sent the game to overtime and though he eventually fouled out, Cleveland grabbed a 140-135 win.

Online, there were a lot of people wowed by that shot. 

Oh yeah, and James put up a career-high 17 assists. (And, anyone want to give Kevin Love some love for that pass?)

But, as usual, Skip Bayless didn't want anyone to have any fun. 

Believe what you want, it was a beautiful shot. 

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