This BMW Morphs Into a Real-Life Transformer

Sitting in a traffic jam, you've probably fantasized about your car morphing into a formidable robot, capable of clearing the lanes. If that sounds like some Michael Bay-inspired fantasy, feast your eyes on this shapeshifting BMW, which is the closest thing to an actual Transformer the world has ever seen.

Forget all of the vivid CGI-effects, the Shia Labeoufs, and the plastic Hasbro toys of your youth. It’s 2016, and your road-rage should delight in modern technology:

The towering humanoid is the product of Letvision, a Turkish engineering firm, which has been posting prototype videos on Youtube the past couple of days. The car, known as Letrons, shifts from an innocuous sports car into the equivalent of Optimus Prime with the touch of a button. The vehicle isn’t meant for civilian use -- it can’t walk, or bulldoze its way through a traffic jam -- and it can only reach modest speeds via remote control. Still, Letrons maintains a wifi network and a speaking voice eerily similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, which seems appropriate.

Letrons isn’t commercially available yet, and judging by the company’s videos, it plans to hawk the machines at trade shows, marketing them as magnificent toys. Maybe a few billionaires who still harbor deep love for action figures will cough up the cash -- after all, they'll probably need a lot of it to procure one of these. 

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Sam Blum is a Staff News Writer at Thrillist. He's on Twitter @Blumnessmonster