Lego Has Flower Bouquets & Bonsai Trees That You Won't Be Able to Kill

We see you, person saying, "I'd find a way."

flower loeg bouquet
Photo courtesy of Lego

There's big news if you sit in the center slice of a Venn diagram that reads "people who love Legos" on one side and "people who cannot keep plants alive for crap" on the other.

Lego has released a surprisingly charming pair of build kits that you might turn into a centerpiece. The newly released Botanical Collection lets you build a bouquet and arrange the flowers however you please. The release includes a 756-piece flower bouquet set and an 878-piece bonsai tree set. 

lego flower bouquet
Photo courtesy of Lego

The flower set features multiple flowers that can be customized, allowing your budding floral tendencies to flourish. Your potential vase of plastic flowers includes a combo of snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters, daisies, and grasses.

Both sets also include some pieces that are made from a plant-based plastic, "produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane." Lego has been included those more-sustainable pieces for a few years now. The Botanical Collection became available this month, and the Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree sets start at $49.99. You can also snag individual Lego Roses and Lego Tulips that start at $9.99.

Both sets are currently sold out through the Lego website, but a representative says that they're getting new stock frequently. The bonsai kit says it'll ship within 60 days, and the flowers will ship by the end of January. You may find the kits in-stock at some retailers, like Target, though. You'll have a surprisingly easy-to-care-for bouquet on the table before you know it. 

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