Twitter Is Very Impressed by This Lemon That Rolled and Rolled and Rolled

Lemons feature a delightful color, taste like pizzaz itself, and are involved in the title of a Beyoncé album. But if you think that's an exhaustive list of their delightful qualities, prepare to be amazed, because the internet discovered on Wednesday that lemons can also roll for a really really really really really long time.

The revelatory video above was shot by Mike Sakasegawa and posted to Twitter, where it really struck a chord with users. As of now, it's been viewed around 3.5 million times and has over 44,000 retweets. And if you're wondering why and how that's possible, well you clearly haven't watched the video yet. 

This lemon just keeps on rolling. He claims it covered a full quarter mile. 

Sakasegawa then updated the world by announcing that he felt a little bad leaving a bonafide celebrity to rot in the street, so he went and retrieved the citrus and gave it a pride of place in his home.

Clearly, the internet had some questions, like how such a thing was possible, but Sakasegawa quickly became overwhelmed. He did, however, clarify that the "lemon stopped rolling because we got to the bottom of the hill." Which makes sense. 

But many Twitter users read deeper in the video, finding a message of hope or perseverance or existential insight. 

Truly, the lemon is an exceptional fruit.

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