This Guy Catches Deadly Spiders with a Blowtorch, and It's Kind of Amazing

Published On 11/16/2016 Published On 11/16/2016

Australia is crawling with spiders. The island nation is home to some horrifying eight-legged monstrosities, like this gnarly Huntsman spider, which ensnared a dead mouse and dragged the rodent up the side of a refrigerator. Oh yeah, and this other Huntsman spider, which is just big enough to be mistaken for an Alaskan King Crab.

As nature would have it, these Australian beasts are often small, black, and insidious creatures that invade many a lovely home garden. When this happens, as YouTuber leokimvideo recently documented, everyday people become exterminators, wielding makeshift blowtorches that incinerate these tiny monsters into piles of arachnid dust.

In the video, Leokimvideo’s back garden is teeming with Redback spiders -- which are an extremely venomous relative of the black widow family -- and the humble family man decides to reclaim his conquered territory. His video is long, but it nonetheless documents the dark corners and unassuming crevices that Redbacks call home.

He first shows us his spider death arsenal, which comprises mainly heavy duty pest control products. Leokimvideo cobbles them all together into a fire-spurting device that he calls “Mr. Flamethrower,” as he prepares to unleash hell. After he catches most of the more deadly and venomous female Redbacks, Leokimvideo lays the spider’s threshold to waste, drenching them in flames and letting out a villainous laugh.

No wonder the man felt so happy, given how dangerous Redback’s actually are: They prefer living close to people, and according to LifeHacker, Rebacks are responsible for about 2,000 hospitalization cases a year in Australia.

So next time you’re in Australia, don’t forget your blowtorch.

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