Watch Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time

Things a penis feels like: 1. Play-Doh that’s been warmed up, 2. A hot dog that's been left out, 3. A noodle. 

Providing some new insight into male genitalia like only fresh eyes, or in this case, fresh hands, can, a group of lesbians went where they've never gone before and touched a dude's penis. The experiment was enacted for a BriaAndChrissy video, and gave some of the best penis descriptors ever. Probably the most accurate is the simple phrase, "It feels like my vagina. It’s just skin.”

The ladies' reactions are pretty spot-on and hilarious. Also, the dude they're groping is so calm about the whole thing. But most importantly, the video shouts out a positive message about celebrating all bodies, no matter your personal preference. 

Now, who wants to mold some Play-Doh?

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