Leslie Jones' Figure Skating Tweets Prove She's the Best Olympic Commentator

credit: Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Paras Griffin/Stringer
credit: Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Paras Griffin/Stringer

Leslie Jones is still carrying the torch for excitable fans of Olympic sports. The comedian and noted yeller of words returned to breathlessly live-tweeting the Games on Thursday night during the first few events of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, commenting on -- among other things -- the dazzling garb worn by figure skaters.

Jones watched the event on TV, filming her own commentary and broadcasting it to her Twitter followers. She watched, incredulous, as men took to the ice in sequin shirts and suspenders and still managed to pull off the daunting task of spinning through the air and landing flawlessly on ice skates.

Her play-by-play, which has become an Olympic tradition in its own right, did not disappoint: 

Jones was pretty critical until American Nathan Chen, clad in an all black ensemble, entered the arena like a Darth Vader on ice skates. 

She yelled at the TV: "What?! Is this the Black Panther? What is happening right now? Niiice!" 

Jones elaborated on Chen's dominant relationship with the ice, which she described as the figure skater's "bitch."

Jones started to like the outfits from there on: 

She was especially mesmerized by one outfit in particular, tagging fashion designer Christian Siriano in her tweet, who apparently had nothing to do with the elaborate design. 

As for an athlete competing for the Olympic Athletes From Russia, Jones basically called him the Draco Malfoy of profession figure skating. 

Jones is still in New York, but she's primed to join the NBC broadcast crew for it's official olympic coverage. In the meantime, watch this space for more updates on Jones' scintillating takes via Twitter, and educate yourself on the wonders of curling.  

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