This Guy Getting Rejected on National Television Will Make You Cringe Forever

Getting put in the friend zone via text or in person can be humiliating and make you feel like a worthless pile of unlovable garbage. Getting put in the friend zone on national TV takes the concept to a whole new level of awful. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to a poor guy named Steve, when he and his very much platonic friend Jessie went on Let's Make a Deal on Thursday. 

Here's a warning: You will likely try to hide under your desk while watching the above clip to avoid the tidal wave of residual embarrassment you will no doubt feel for this guy. Anyway, here's the blow by blow: Steve and Jessie went on Let's Make a Deal to make some deals with host Wayne Brady (yes, that guy). When Brady introduced them as a couple and asked how long they'd been dating, Steve replied: “Uh, about six months." Jessie, apparently in a laughing fit probably born of sheer embarrassment, quickly chimed in to dispel any notion of her and Steve as a romantic item. 

"We're just friends," she said between fits of laughter, later telling the audience and the viewers at home: "I'm single guys!"

Steve deflated like a popped balloon in a hail storm. "Can we talk about this not in front of everyone?" he asked. 

Wayne Brady couldn't handle it. The audience couldn't handle it. At a loss for words and any lighthearted quips that could quell the emotional dumpster fire raging in front of him, Brady just turned around and walked away to the next contestant. 

Man, how terrible! 

It's worth pointing out that his could very well just be a joke. Steve and Jessie could just be having a bit of fun appearing on a show with a viewership of people who largely live in retirement homes and play Bridge. 

Whatever the case, you're going to need a drink after watching this. 

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