Everyone but the Two People Playing Had This Game Show Clue Figured Out

It's immensely satisfying to know more than the contestants on a game show. It's almost as good as winning the game yourself. But there's a point of no return where it goes beyond satisfying and becomes frustrating. The point where you're standing in your underwear, Cheetos spilled on the floor, screaming "Oh, come on."


Okay. Even if your reaction isn't that strong, you feel the emotion. It's how everyone in the audience of the relatively new British game show Letterbox felt in the clip above, taken from an episode slated to air Friday on BBC 2.

The show puts pairs of people (couples, family members, friends) up against each other in a pretty simple word game where they try to guess "passwords." The clue was fictional characters, and basically everyone figured out this Hunchback of Notre Dame character early on. Everyone, that is, except for the two contestants. The audience was groaning, their teammates were flailing their arms, and host Mel Giedroyc was exasperated. 

Also exasperated was anyone who watched the clip on Twitter where it went viral Monday. 

Writhe in the "oh come on"-ness in the video above, as the contestants guess letter after incorrect letter.

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