NYC’s Favorite Cookie Heads to Grocery Stores

But you can only grab Levain cookies in Texas markets, for now.

Levain cookies on baking sheet
Kate Previte/Courtesy of Levain

One of New York City’s best cookies is hitting the big time. Five-borough favorite Levain Bakery cookies will soon be available in grocery stores nationwide. Levain already operates six locations in NYC and one on Long Island, and ships baked-to-order batches all over the United States, but fall of 2020 is the first time the famous treats will be offered alongside your standard supermarket sweets. 

The rollout will begin at Texas chain Central Market, according to Bloomberg. The freezer aisle options include chocolate chip walnut, two-chip chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin varieties. Boxes retail for about $8 and come eight to a pack. Now, while that sounds like a massive quantity of cookies to Levain superfans who line up at its bakeries for oversized, photogenic 6oz beauties, the whole box is really equivalent to two-and-a-half of the original Instagram-bait bites: each cookie is 2oz each. 

Although they’re sold frozen, the cookies are baked through, so don’t expect to sneak a bite of dough. 

“Frozen provides the most consistent and salient experience,” Rachel Porges, Levain’s chief marketing officer, told Bloomberg. “We have yet to find a shelf-stable process that could deliver that for our cookie.” 

As for the resize, “The cookies at the bakery are designed for sharing. These are meant for one person,” Porges told the outlet. “We didn’t see that people needed a six-ounce cookie at home.” We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

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