10 Useful Life Hacks With Plastic Bottles, and Also a Gas Mask For Some Reason

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Having a solid arsenal of life hacks at the ready is always useful, but the results sometimes look exactly as DIY as the process. It can leave you feeling like it might have been a better idea to just but a new pair of pants instead of constructing them out of construction paper and paper clips.

Mr. Hacker has put together 10 hacks that can be accomplished with plastic bottles that largely have a good-looking end product you won't hide above the refrigerator. Hacks to make a toothbrush holder, a container that opens with a zipper, or a clear gift box bring a little aesthetic-mindedness to the DIY ethos. They can all be accomplished with fairly limited resources as well. Outside of a hot glue gun, most don't require anything that's not already sitting around the house.

A few of the hacks have some limited uses, but next time you're camping you'll be glad you know how to turn that empty plastic bottle into a spoon. Or, should the apocalypse arrive soon, the hack to turn a plastic bottle into a gas mask (a la 10 Cloverfield Lane) might prove useful.

Check out all the hacks in the video above.

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