You Can Get a Lifetime of Wine for Just $6,000

A new subscription delivers four bottles a month straight to your door... Forever.

Courtesy of Obvious Wines

Even if you're more of a Trader Joe's two-buck-chuck shopper, there's something to be said about the educational opportunity and convenience of a wine subscription service. If only to up your vino stock on a more regular basis. And while Obvious Wines—touted for its fair trade, sustainably farmed, "snob free" selection—will run you around $100 for its six-bottle collection alone, you can get a little more bang for your buck with the brand's Life of Wine membership.

The Life of Wine monthly wine subscription is exactly what it sounds like: Wine delivered to your door for the rest of your life. While you'll have to spend a hefty $6,000 upfront, even though I'm not very good at math I know you'll get your money's worth within just a few years. Obvious Wines estimates that at $18 a bottle, you're basically getting free wine after seven years.

"We're actively discouraging people to buy this," the website jokes. "We've done the math and it is a really bad deal for us, but hey, you only live once. And with the way inflation is going, this might be a pretty sound investment on your end."

Courtesy of Obvious Wines

Just drop those few G's and you'll get four bottles of vino each month sent straight to your door... Forever. The Life of Wine membership includes the site's general selection, in addition to limited-edition bottles. The current roster includes its Dark & Bold red blend, a 2020 Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, a Chilean Pinot Noir, 2018 California Chardonnay, Loire Valley sparkling wine, and a 2020 Rosé blend. 

"What if you always knew you had a quality wine to come home to? What if you never had to worry about having wine for an unexpected guest again? What if you were always prepared to bring delicious French sparkling wine to any event on the calendar?" Obvious Wines founder and CEO Brice Baillie said in a statement, according to Food & Wine. "Working in the wine trade, we can be somewhat desensitized to such conveniences as we often have an excess of great boutique wine on hand. Our goal is to make that same peace of mind more accessible."

The subscription is available in most, but not all states, so check the website first.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.