Lindt Chocolate Factory Malfunction Covers Small Town in Cocoa Powder Dust

A major production oopsie left a delicious dusting across the land.

Walter Ghetti/shutterstock
Walter Ghetti/shutterstock

A small town in Switzerland was transformed into Swiss chocolate after a local factory's ventilation system malfunctioned, resulting in a mass dusting of cocoa powder. 

On August 14, according to local reports, the Lindt & Spruengli company factory in Olten had an issue with its ventilation system. This error resulted in a forced export of powder from the factory, a precipitation that lasted multiple days and spread across the area surrounding the factory.

While the impacted range was relatively small and the coating barely reached a centimeter, there was certainly enough dust on the ground to have caused a snow day in Arizona. A few cars were covered with brown specs, and at least one car was hit particularly hard by the storm. The company has offered to pay for any necessary cleaning, USA Today reported

An image of the car appeared in photo posted on Twitter by an Olten-area account:

"Kakao-Regen," the caption reads, which is German for "cocoa rain," but sounds like a nickname Trump might give Ronald Reagan if he were alive today. 

According to local news, the company said the cocoa was in no way dangerous to the community, and that it's currently fixing its ventilator system. 

The Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs-esque snowfall, while unprecedented in source, is not the first food and beverage whoopsie we've seen in the past year. We remember fondly Ohio's Great Pickle Spill, Germany's 10,000 bottles of beer dump, and England's disruptive truck "gincident," along with countless charmingly inconvenient mishaps that make incredible headlines. 

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