Lindt’s Neapolitan Truffles Return to Shelves Alongside Gold Bunnies

They're being re-released alongside the company’s Easter candies.

A realistic illustration detailing Lindt's Neapolitan truffle

Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier populating drug stores all over the world, has a kingly number of truffles to choose from, milk chocolate wrapped in red; dark chocolate in blue, and white chocolate in gold the most familiar among them. And, in keeping with basic human nature, its limited edition varieties are among the most coveted of all.

Expected to come and go even faster than spring seems to pass, Lindt’s Neapolitan white chocolate truffles are returning for the season. The temporary treats encase milk and white chocolate in a white chocolate strawberry shell. The re-release coincides with an Easter lineup featuring chocolate bumblebees and ladybugs, and gold-wrapped bunnies.

Lindt’s Neapolitan Truffles and other Easter candies are in stores now. They all sell for about $3 to $7.

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