These Jobs Have the Biggest Salary Bonuses in the United States


Salary bonuses do not grow on trees. But for a select few in the American workforce who already make a good amount of money in the medical and finance industries, hefty bonuses are a regular part of the job. When it rains money it pours bonuses.

Since LinkedIn likes to keep tabs on the most lucrative fields, inadvertently reinforcing how you're not employed in one, the company released results from another survey on Wednesday detailing which trades have the largest bonuses at the end of the year. Not surprisingly, you'll be left out of the windfall if you're just a humble shampooer. 

Just to get the potentially dispiriting news out of the way, here are the top 10 jobs with the highest median annual bonuses: 

  • Investment Banking Associate: 100,000 
  • Private Equity Associate: $85,000
  • Equity Research Analyst: $50,000
  • Surgeon: $50,000
  • Cardiologist: $50,000
  • Radiologist: $50,000
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon: $50,000
  • Investment Banking Analyst: $45,000
  • Senior Reservoir Engineer: $37,500
  • Wealth Management Advisor: $35,000

The report also provides a breakdown of the highest annual bonuses according to industry: 

  • Finance: $12,300
  • Energy & Mining: $11,400
  • Software & IT Services: $11,300
  • Hardware & Networking: $11,200
  • Consumer Goods: $10,800
  • Healthcare: $10,300
  • Manufacturing: $9,000
  • Entertainment: $8,300
  • Corporate Services: $7,000
  • Construction: $6,700

LinkedIn compiled these findings by surveying verified users, and only tallied industries and professions that had more than 50 respondents.

So if you're looking for a gift-wrapped bonus this holiday season, maybe consider a career change. Or just ask your boss to make it rain at the holiday party. That won't be weird or anything. 

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