Look at This Lion, King of the Jungle, Stuck in a Tree

Lion may be the "king of the jungle," but deep down, the majestic beast is still a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes. In a recent clip from BBC Earth's acclaimed new nature series, Dynasties, one male lion hilariously proves that big cats are, well, still cats -- by getting himself stuck high up in the branches of an acacia tree. Hurry, someone call the fire department.

The clip (shown above) doesn't reveal how the lion managed to get in the tree, but it does appear to capture the moments when he begins to realize how badly he screwed up. Watch as he clumsily paws his way through the branches, holding on tight at times as he nervously looks down. Others in his pride notice his predicatment (sorry, not sorry) and gather to watch from below. Of course, we don't speak lion, so our best guess is they were being super helpful and supportive by cracking jokes about always landing on his feet and having eight lives left. How long this goes on for is unclear, but the others appear to bail.

Finally, he makes the jump and proceeds to walk off all cool, like nothing happened. This not-so-cowardly lion faced his fear of heights and won. Fighting off a pack of 20 vicious hyenas on the other hand...

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