Guy Teases Lion, Lion Makes Guy Shake With Fear

Nature takes time out of its busy schedule daily to remind some stupid human that it's not as in control as it would like to imagine. Today's example is one person's trip to the Gir Forest National Park in India, highlighted Tuesday on Reddit (though it was posted in September).

The person drives slowly alongside a lion trying to mind its own business. The bold traveler idles beside the lion, filming it with the window down. That is understandable. The lion is awe-inspiring. How often will you see something like that?

However, the lion gets tired of the man's company. It stops and lets out a low grumble with a head-fake toward the car. Despite looking like a half-hearted effort on the part of the lion, it would be frightening as hell to be in the car at that moment.

The moment got the traveler's attention for sure. He yelps like he put a stain in his undies and gets the window up as fast as possible.

Don't mess with a lion in the wild. It'll yip at you just to see you squirm.

h/t Mashable

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