Michael Phelps Embraces #PhelpsFace, Terry Crews Reprises Camacho for 'Lip Sync Battle'

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Sunday night, Lip Sync Battle hosted their first live episode, an all-star showdown featuring Olympian Michael Phelps, Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and John Legend. It was as ridiculous as the show gets and it delivered everything you wanted from each of the guests.

In the end, Phelps was crowned the champion for a #PhelpsFace-inspired performance of "Lose Yourself." He began staring into a mirror with his hood up, looking every bit the uber-focused sith lord he was when Chad Le Cloos dance-stretched Phelps into a meme. One assumes the rest of the performance was what actually happens in his mind while he's sitting under hood and headphones getting jacked for a race.

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Though he won, it wasn't the night's highlight. Olivia Munn did a fun performance of Sia's "Cheap Thrills" that featured a surprise appearance from Olympians Simone Biles and Aly Raisman (complete with a wardrobe malfunction, because it was live after all). And John Legend did a pretty spot-on version of "Hey Ya" with surprise guest Stevie Wonder.

Those were both at least on par with Phelps, if not a little more exciting.

But the gem of the show was a weirdly chaotic performance by Terry Crews, who did Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" dressed up as Idiocracy's President Camacho. He was supported by a dance troupe doing uncanny valley versions of Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, as well as a sax-wielding Bill Clinton. It was basically President Camacho's State of the Union address peppered with contemporary political references while maintaining the intellectual gravitas of an Ow! My Balls! episode.

Watch the full performance from Crews and Phelps above, and get a short excerpt from Munn's performance below.

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