32,000 Liters of Gin Spills on Highway, Causes Major 'Gincident'


A major truck crashed spilled 32,000 liters of gin onto a busy expressway on Wednesday evening in northwest England. The entire road was sloshed. 

It’s difficult to even imaGINe the smell, let alone the traffic complications that resulted. Only a community impacted by 10,000 bottles of beer spilling on the road would understand.

At around 5pm, a liquid tanker truck collided with another truck, causing a closure of the northbound M6 expressway, between junctions 19 and 20. Officials quickly enGINeered a new route while they addressed the spill. People were told to "Follow the solid black square diversion symbol," according to a report by Mirror. They GINgerly complied. 

Except for one man, who didn’t want to follow the black square diversion symbol, and instead poked fun at the surplus of alcohol that just became available to him on public property:

Around five hours after the incident, Cheshire police took to Twitter to say the drink spill was still ravaGINg the roads. 

North Way Motorway Police announced that no one had been injured in the so-called "GINcident."

Nobody announced that the police could use some help drinking up the remaining gin from the roads, but I think that's fairly obvious.

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Ruby Anderson apologizes for the manic punning episode. Follow her on Twitter @rubycarmela