Little Caesars Is the First Major Pizza Chain to Offer Plant-Based Pepperoni

The new plant-based pepperoni is made out of pea protein by Field Roast.

Little Caesars plant-based pepperoni
Image courtesy of Little Caesars

Plant-based meat alternatives are almost standard at quick-service restaurants at this point. Though, major pizza chains in the US have trailed behind the burger chains in this area. (There have been options, but they're far more limited.)

Little Caesars is laying claim to being the first major national pizza chain to serve up a plant-based pepperoni. The Detroit-based chain has partnered with Field Roast to make Planteroni pizza. The option is available immediately. Though, you'll only find it in a handful of cities. 

You're going to find Planteroni in the cities and suburbs of Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, and Detroit. The company says that Field Roast's pepperoni is the first plant-based pepperoni to be made with pea protein and not soy. 

"Planteroni Pizza brings the delicious flavor of America’s most popular pizza topping to plant-based eating, and you need to taste it to believe it," Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer at Little Caesars, said in the company's announcement. "We want our customers to set aside their preconceived notions about plant-based meat because this product is really going to surprise them."

You'll have the option of ordering a regular Planteroni pizza or a Slices-N-Sticks, which is half pizza and half breadsticks. Also, you can order the plant-based pepperoni as a regular topping. As usual, Little Caesars is coming in with some affordable options. The pizza is $8.49 and the half-and-half option is $8.  

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