Little Caesars' Newest Pizza Is Half Pepperoni Slices, Half Italian Cheese Sticks

The fast and convenient pizza chain just combined two favorites into one weird pie.

Little Caesars
Little Caesars

If you think about it, there’s only one challenge you’ll face when ordering Little Caesars for takeout or delivery: deciding what to order. You can just go with pizza, or you can add sides like Italian Cheese Stix or Stuffed Crazy Bread. But add-ons cost extra and shelling out more cash is a bummer. Lucky for you, Little Caesars has introduced a new Slices-N-Stix Pizza, which means no more tough decisions.

The Slices-N-Stix pizza is shaped like any other, but it sports more than just your standard slices. Little Caesars’ latest creation features one half with four standard pepperoni pizza slices and one half with eight Italian Cheese Stix. Each Slices-N-Stix pizza comes with a side of Crazy Sauce for dipping either your slices or your stix into. You get all that for $6.

“What’s better than your favorite foods? Getting two of your favorites in one amazing combination,” Jeff Klein, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, said in a statement. “Half pizza plus half cheese bread sticks equals 100% awesomeness. It’s the easiest decision you’ll make this week.”

Little Caesars will start serving the Slices-N-Stix pizza nationwide August 31. Tech-savvy fans don’t have to wait to take it for a test spin, though. You can get early access to hybrid pie via the Little Caesars app or website by selecting delivery or pickup starting Monday, August 24. After that, you can find Little Caesars’ Slices-N-Stix pizza Hot-N-Ready every day from 4pm to 8pm at participating stores across the country.

This might be the biggest news since Little Caesars reintroduced delivery in 2020 for the first time in 20 years. Anyone else suddenly craving pizza and bread sticks?

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