This Classic Little Debbie Treat Just Got a Major Makeover

And it will be in stores nationwide this month.

When it comes to nostalgic snacks, Little Debbie takes the cake. But the brand isn't above shifting things around a bit. In recent months we've seen old favorites take new shapes with the brand releasing ice creams inspired by classic cake flavors and Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal. Now, the original snack cake maker has another shape-shifting trick up its sleeve involving the brand's classic Zebra Cakes.

Little Debbie is launching Zebra-inspired mini donuts. Yes, Little Debbie is now offering a new way to enjoy the hexagon-shaped cake with Little Debbie Zebra Mini Donuts. The donuts will still feature the classic yellow cake covered in vanilla frosting, paired with the iconic fudge stripes. The only difference between the two zebra creations is that the original is filled with creme filling and the new donuts are not.

Edited - Courtesy of McKee Foods

Fans can expect to see this treat on shelves nationwide in mid-March. The donuts are packaged in a convenient resealable bag, with a suggested price of $2.19.

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