Thousands Are Obsessively Watching an Eagle Nest, Waiting For the Eggs to Hatch

Maybe it's the crushing disappointment of 2016, but there's something about a live stream of two eggs about to hatch that has captivated the internet.

A live video from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is keeping an eye on two eagles — Harriet and the unlovingly named M15 — who are sitting in a nest waiting for a couple of eggs to hatch. The eggs were laid in November and are ready to crack open and welcome eaglets into the world at any moment.

You can cut the tension with a knife. 

As the suspense builds, so does the audience. Around midnight (ET) on Wednesday there were still over 18,000 people watching the stream while very little happened in the dark. The stream's homepage says it's had over 57 million viewers to date (the site was established in 2012). Over 1.7 million streamed the nest on the FOX13 Tampa Bay Facebook page on Wednesday alone.

Maybe it's the opportunity to see a hatching happen. Maybe it's one last opportunity to see something positive happen in 2016. Maybe it's a weird surge of patriotism at the sight of an eagle. No matter what it is that's drawing people in, viewers are in love with this stream and eating up the suspense of not knowing when the birds will hatch.

It's a pretty solid way to while away the days between Christmas and New Year's when no one is sure what they're doing or what day it is.

h/t Mashable

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