Live Tweets From a Horrible Date Are a Car Crash You Can't Look Away From

bad sushi date

Everyone has been in this situation. You're having dinner and the most interesting thing happening in the restaurant is at another table and you can't help but listen in. That was the case for Kelly Fine, a copywriter in Texas, who bore witness to a sushi date that did not appear to be going to well. 

The date was captivating enough that Fine had to share it with the world (sans personal details of the couple), live tweeting the meal and its awkward interactions. It's a car crash you can't take your eyes off.

If the scene, which is set very well by Fine, is the whole picture, that was some serious mansplaining. And that's always bad, but it feels somehow worse coming from a guy who doesn't know what sake is, chows down on the leathery hide of his edamame, and has a strange infatuation with giant sea creatures.

If that's not enough details on this rancid date, Fine actually shared quite a bit more over the course of the evening. You can read even more details over at her Twitter feed.

h/t Metro

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