This Breakdancing Gorilla Sent the Internet into a Frenzy

Gorillas are just like us. Or is that we're just like gorillas? In any case, the traces of our shared genetic makeup are fully present in this video of a happily dancing gorilla at the Dallas Zoo.

Zola, the 380-pound Silverback seen doing what looks like a full rendition of a River Dance, has lit up the internet in a way that will make you forget about the viral gorillas of yesteryear. As you take a look at his electrifying moves, Harambe finally seems to vanish into our distance mem(e)ories.

The zoo's original video has already eclipsed a million views after going live on Tuesday, meaning copycats have been drawing on Zola's inspirational, free-spirited dance routine and making re-mixes: 

And here he is dancing to the '80s classic "Fame" by Irene Cara, because why the hell not?  

According to the Washington Post, Zola is indeed having a great time splashing it up in that kiddie pool. “Gorillas often like to play in water or even use as a mirror to look at themselves,” Tara Stoinski, chief scientific officer of The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, told Wapo. “The Dallas Zoo animal care staff have given Zola a great source of entertainment and he is having a wonderful time showing the very silly side of gorillas.”

For its part, the Zoo confirmed that Zola wasn't actually spazzing out to breakdance music, but his thrashing movements were part of his regular enrichment program, which stipulates that the "behavioral and physical needs of an animal are being met by providing opportunities for species-appropriate actions and choices." 

This actually isn't the first time Zola's penchant for dance went viral. Footage of him dancing in a puddle during his stint at the Calgary Zoo also got its fair share of attention in 2011 and presaged what is sure to be a long career in the spotlight.