This Airline Will Finally Let You Track Your Bags With an App

American Airlines baggage tracking app

Among the many things that can go wrong at the airport, lost baggage is one of the more frustrating mishaps. You go to baggage claim and wait and wait and wait. You wait until all the bags are gone, before realizing your bag isn't here and probably isn't even in this city. Then you're waiting in line, talking to an agent, filling out forms, waiting in line again. The process is one headache after another.

While it won't change the reality that bags are sometimes lost, American Airlines is rolling out a new service to make the process slightly less frustrating. The company has launched Customer Baggage Notification, which provides alerts and enhanced tracking to notify passengers when their checked luggage isn't at the same airport as their body.

Travelers can use the American Airlines app, sign up with their AAdvantage account, or simply provide contact information during check-in. When the plane lands, you get a notification via text, email, phone call, or push notification if your baggage hasn't arrived as planned.

There are three alerts you might receive. "Early Baggage Arrival" means your baggage arrived before you, and you should head to baggage services instead of the Great Conveyor Belt of Waiting. "Late Baggage Arrival (BSO)" means you need to go to the baggage service office for more information.

The third alert, "Late Baggage Arrival (MBO)," means you need a mobile baggage order. The process of having your baggage delivered to where you're staying can be time-consuming. But the alerts aim to reduce time spent tracking bags by instantly alerting you to the situation and allowing you to fill out forms right in the app.

The program won't solve the frustration of being without your tooth brush. However, it should help with the headaches caused by the process. Baby steps.

h/t Inside Hook

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