Lottery Winner Collects His Million-Dollar Prize in a Full 'Scream' Costume

Everyone's contemplated what they'd do if they won the lottery. But really, you should be considering the logistics of winning -- like how not to get catfished, murdered, or generally used for your newfound wealth.

Everyone's contemplated what they'd do if they won the lottery -- like finally owning one of those Gucci T-shirts, and getting a lab to create a genetically modified kangaroo so big it can carry you around in its pouch so you never have to drive again, and buying a really expensive car. But really, you should be considering the logistics of winning -- like how not to get catfished, murdered, or generally used for your newfound wealth. 

Take this guy, who showed up to collect his winnings in Jamaica in full Scream regalia. According to the Washington Post, he appeared at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston to collect his  $1.1 million (or 158 million Jamaican dollars) a full 54 days after winning the Super Lotto because he was so unsettled by the experience. As of now, he's known only as A. Campbell.

"From the day I found out that I won, I’ve been sick," he explained to the Jamaica Star. "My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking so much -- if what I’ve been longing for really come true. I had a belly ache for two weeks. Sometimes I feel so much pain I forgot that I won.”

He pulled himself together before coming forward, and now that he has, he plans to buy “a nice house.” He added, “I like to handle money. I don’t beg, I don’t borrow. So I’m looking at things that can turn over the money. I have a little business, so I plan to make it bigger, buy an apartment. I love to have money.”

Apparently, showing up in disguise isn't uncommon in the country.

“Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets,” Simone Clarke-Cooper, assistant vice president of Group Corporate Communications at Supreme Ventures, explained to the Star. “In other markets, they don’t necessarily do it, but here I think they opt to do it to keep themselves safe. We are not going to tell them not to do that because their safety is of paramount importance to us as well.”

Honestly, they probably have the right idea. But keep in mind that when you win, you'll have money to invest in your disguise, so you might as well go full Masked Singer

h/tWashington Post, Jamaica Star

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