You Can Finally Enjoy Lucky Charms Marshmallows Without the Pesky Cereal Bits

They’re magically cereal-free

A package of Lucky Charms marshmallows.
General Mills

Breakfast is nice, “important,” even, but for far too long it has been too unlike dessert. Sure, plenty of A.M. foodstuffs are sweet treats masquerading as a meal, but why not drop the facade and embrace buckets of sugar, any time of day? With the limited release of Marshmallow-only Lucky Charms, the innovators at General Mills have done just that. 

“The magic will peak in the coming weeks,” Lucky Charms’ official account cryptically tweeted on August 24. Further investigation, or rather, clicking a People magazine link the account retweeted, reveals that the heart, star, horseshoe, and rainbow marbits will be available for purchase independent from the cereal bits for the first time in cereal history. Lucky Charms has previously reserved all-marshmallow boxes of the cereal to super-limited giveaways.

The six-ounce packages will be released nationwide for about $4 a pop, according to the magazine. Look out for the launch in September. 

This is, of course, not Lucky the leprechaun’s first foray into stunt food. General Mills has previously peddled chocolate Lucky Charms, berry Lucky Charms, ice cream, and treat bars.

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