Lucky Charms Is Adding a New Marshmallow Shape for St. Patrick's Day

lucky charms gold coin new limited edition marshmallow shape cereal general mills st patricks day
Courtesy of General Mills
Courtesy of General Mills

Lucky Charms, the magically delicious sugar bomb of a cereal, wants to expand your luck this St. Patrick's Day with a limited-edition marshmallow blend that includes an all-new marshmallow shape.

General Mills announced the new Lucky Charms on Tuesday, saying special edition boxes of the cereal will feature original pots of gold, green shamrocks, and brand new golden coin marshmallows. The golden coin is the follow-up to the unreasonably adorable unicorn marshmallow, which launched in 2018 and was the first new marshmallow shape in 10 years. While the golden coin isn't as cute as the mythological creature, it does seem more fitting for Lucky Charms' leprechaun mascot, who is aptly named Lucky.

OK, sure, this announcement may not be as captivating as the time Lucky Charms released a box of just marshmallows, but it is fun to see the cereal creators consistently reinvent its dehydrated marshmallows -- the true icons within a bowl of Lucky Charms.

The limited-edition, golden coin-filled boxes of cereal will be available from January 2020 to March 2020 at your local grocery stores's cereal aisle. The retail price of the cereal runs at $2.50 for a 10.5 oz. box or $3.33 for a 19.3 oz. box, but, as usual, prices vary by location, so you may have to part with more coins to get your hands on these golden coins. 

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