This Watch Knows You're Dehydrated Before You Realize It

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone knows that you're supposed to drink a buttload of water. They know it makes you feel better and look better (maybe) and perform better and it might even help you lose weight. But you're busy and only really notice you need some water once you're parched.

A new wearable called LVL from BSX Athletics claims that it's going to revolutionize hydration, helping you be the best you and not that sweaty, dehydrated you laying on the couch binge watching Cheers. The small wearable tech goes around your wrist and monitors hydration levels in real time. The tech will connect to a mobile app that can tell you exactly how much water you need to drink boost performance or to just get properly hydrated.

LVL is ambitious and anything taking crowdfunding should be met with a little skepticism, since investing doesn't always guarantee that the project will manifest itself as planned. Knowing that, LVL emphasizes how they've focused on the technology first. "LVL directly measures the water content in the body using our proprietary and patented red light technology," their site states. "This red light is shined into the body using specialized and consumer grade LEDs.

"As the light passes through the body, each wavelength is absorbed and reshaped in a unique way that allows us to generate a spectrographic 'picture' of the water content and other physiologic activities happening in the body at that point in time."

Wearable Hydration Monitor

While hydration monitoring is its main feature, LVL plans on doing much more than that. It aims to give a pretty complete picture of your health in real time with tracking of activity, sleep, mood and heart rate. It's also an alarm clock and calorie counter. Oh, and it's functional as a regular old watch too. That means you can get rid of the fit bit and watch you're wearing. Though you'll have to keep your Apple watch and your wrist calculator

LVL just launched a Kickstarter campaign and naturally crushed their goal instantly. They have already raised in excess of $500,000 with 34 days to go. The initial goal? Just $50,000. 

While many perks have already sold out, the early bird price on their Kickstarter page is a reasonable $99 per device. Water not included.

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