Lyft Is Offering Free & Discounted Rides to Polling Locations on Election Day

If you need to vote in person on Election Day, Lyft’s making it a little easier.

Election Day is right around the corner. While you may still be sorting out all the details, like registering to vote and how to protect yourself at your local polling location, the last thing you should worry about is a ride. Lyft is offering free and discounted rides to polling locations on November 3, so you don’t need to walk or risk using crowded public transit.

This year, the ride service platform is working to make voting more accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to do it. The company announced Tuesday that it’s offering a nationwide discount code and it’s also teaming up with More Than a Vote to provide rides to arena polling places in Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Orlando. The promotion will also apply to Lyft’s bike and scooter services in select cities, according to a press release.

On Election Day this November 3, Lyft users can use the code 2020VOTE to get 50% off a ride to any polling location. Those living in underserved communities will get free ride codes, thanks to LyftUp’s non-profit partners like Black Women’s Roundtable, National Federation of the Blind, and the Student Veterans of America. Disabled riders will also have access to ride credits thanks to a partnership between Lyft and the National Disability Rights Network.

"Lyft is stepping up to complement the work that More Than A Vote has done to convert sports arenas into safe in-person voting locations in communities that are suffering the most during this pandemic,” Michael Tyler, EVP of Public Affairs for More Than A Vote, said in the release. “By providing access to free and discounted rides to arena voting sites in Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Orlando, Lyft is making it easier for voters in key population centers to safely exercise their right to vote this fall." 

This isn’t the first time Lyft has offered election transportation assistance. In 2018, the company announced a similar promotion. Not only did the company provide discounted and free rides to voters, but it allowed Lyft employees to take time off, or time out of their day, to go vote. Drivers were also encouraged to take time off the road to vote. 

A lot is at stake this Election Day. Whether you’ve got a ride of your own or you grab a free or discounted Lyft, be sure you get to the polls and cast your vote safely.

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