Lyft’s New ‘Taco Mode’ Makes Taco Bell Stops Dangerously Convenient

Sometimes, the only thing worse than a midnight Crunchwrap craving is a midnight Crunchwrap craving and no feasible way of actually getting to a Taco Bell or getting some delivered. Thankfully, that could soon change, now that T-Bell has teamed up with Lyft to launch a new "Taco Mode" in the rideshare app for dangerously convenient access to the chain's drive-thrus.

On Tuesday, Taco Bell and Lyft announced that you can officially add a Taco Bell drive-thru stop, or "ride-thru," on the way to your destination just by selecting the new "Taco Mode" from Lyft's in-app options. The experience will also involve Taco Bell swag, a special taco-themed car, a custom in-car menu, and better yet, a free Doritos Locos Taco when you activate the feature on your next ride, according to a press release. In other words, you'll no longer have to ask your Lyft driver to put up with your impulsive drive-thru detours. Picking up a steaming bag of Chalupas and burritos will just be part of the ride.

Taco Bell said it will test the new feature in Orange County, California from July 27 through July 29 and August 3 through August 5 and will offer "Taco Mode" in the Lyft app for passengers who order a Lyft between 9pm and 2am in the designated area. After that, the companies plan to bring the service to additional cities by the end of the year before a nationwide rollout sometime in 2018. 

See what we mean by "dangerously convenient" now? Going out may never be the same. Of course, you'll likely have to be cool with stuffing tacos into your face in a moving vehicle so as not to get loose ingredients and Fire Sauce all over your clothes or the backseat. With any luck, they'll provide taco-themed bibs. 

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and is glad there aren't Taco Bell drive-thrus in NYC so he cannot be tempted. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.