Truck Carrying 43,000 Pounds of Mac & Cheese Spills Precious Cargo on Highway

I volunteer as part of the cleanup crew!


I feel some type of way about wasted food -- and I'm just talking about the burger you didn't finish. Now channel that feeling and multiply it tenfold, because a tractor-trailer carrying 43,000 pounds of mac & cheese just overturned on the highway, spilling the precious cargo in the process. 

The accident, which took place near the intersection of junctions 24 and 40 in Nashville, happened around 7:30am Thursday morning, a local news outlet reported. Thankfully no injuries were reported, but we did lose oodles of noodles as a result. 

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Transportation provided several photos from the crash, featuring the subsequent dry pasta and cheese powder debris across the roadway.

Personally, I'm taking the whole incident rather difficultly (RIP to all that uneaten mac & cheese), but Twitter's trying to make the most of it -- by salvaging what's left. 

This isn't the first (nor will it be the last) time we've dealt with such a tragedy. Back in 2017, a truck carrying Tito's Vodka traveling on I-95 South in Philadelphia crashed, losing boxes full of booze. There was also the whole pickle spill incident in 2019, the great Bud Light spill of 2017, and the Fireball whiskey crash that left the highway looking more like the aftermath of a frat party.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.