It Seems Like Apple's Going to Kill the MacBook's Headphone Jack, Too

When Tim Cook waxed lyrical about “a wireless future” for Apple products, he probably wasn’t just referring to the company’s wireless AirPod headphones. Although criticism of the iPhone 7 -- the first phone to hit the market without a headphone jack -- has been swift, recent consumer surveys have asked readers if they find the headphone jack useful on their MacBook computers.

According to Mac Rumors, which notes a survey question shared on Twitter by a reader, the headphone jack on your computer might be in grave jeopardy. The question reads “Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook Pro with Retina display?,” which seems to foreshadow the headphone jack meeting its demise on future laptops.

At least for the time being, the forthcoming MacBook Pro will have a headphone jack, in addition to four USB-C ports, so there’s still recourse for those looking to avoid paying $159 for a pair of AirPods. After all, the dainty little earbuds will likely evade you at some point, anyway.

But for its part, the company seems poised to expand what should soon be a glut of wireless products. Tim Cook exalted his new headphones on Good Morning America on Wednesday, telling viewers, somewhat ironically, that wires are tantamount to the devil.

Luckily, there’s simple a simple fix for that -- the Airpod Strap only costs $10 -- although Apple does have a certain stronghold on the industry, and people are usually won over by its products, even after fighting tooth and nail to resist them.