This Might Be the Most Ridiculous MacBook Pro Complaint Yet

Macbook pro complaints

The litany of complaints about Apple's new MacBook Pro is long. Knocks on it include that it's not much of an upgrade from their last version and the USB-C ports mean that you're living in dongle land, among other issues including that the Touch Bar feels like a gimmick (a fun gimmick with emojis!). But there's a new entrant in the race for complaint pushing to make something out of nothing. 

Mac fans are complaining about how loud the keyboard is on the new laptops.

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Tech YouTuber Louis Rossmann gives a good two minutes to the issue in a recent video about technical issues with the new laptop (from 13:55 in the above video until 16:10).

Many on Twitter have chimed in with a similar complaint as well. 

Many reviewers have noted the loudness as well. "To me it’s of a piece with the clicky feel of the new keyboard, which I like," writes Daring Fireball's John Gruber. "The premium clickiness is what made me say in my review that it’s a mixed bag, not a complete regression from the old ones. People who work in quiet rooms might disagree."

Gizmodo's Christina Warren wrote, "I’ve used three different MacBook Pro models over the last few weeks and honestly, [the new MacBook Pro] probably is a smidge louder. The new MacBook Pro’s keys have less travel than its predecessors, and that could be why pressing down on the keys makes more noise... it’s not that big of a deal."

It appears that there's plenty of evidence that the new laptops are a little more "clicky," but Warren kind of nails it. It's probably not worth getting worked up over.

h/t Gizmodo

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